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Questions to Ask

Important Questions to Ask …

about Hearing Aids, Warranties, Return Policies and maintenance

When you’re meeting with an Audiologist there are many important questions to ask about hearing loss and the types of hearing aids available, as well as their functions. But it’s important that you also ask questions about costs, warranties, return policies, and maintenance. I’ve listed some potential questions below to think about and ask during the buying process.

  1. What’s the return or trial period on the hearing instruments I’m purchasing?
  2. Do you provide a written contract or purchase agreement?
  3. I understand that my hearing aids have many programs for hearing in different situations. What happens if I like some things about my hearing aids but don’t like others? Can the instruments be adjusted to my particular needs?
  4. Is there additional cost for adjustments? How many times can I have my hearing aid programs adjusted?
  5. Is there a warranty? Who honors the warranty, the Audiologist or the manufacturer? How long is the warranty?
  6. What happens if my hearing aids stop working? Who will repair my hearing aids? What will it cost?
  7. Is there any maintenance I should do to keep my hearing aids clean and functioning at peak performance? How often? Are there any parts I need to maintain my hearing aids? (link – how to perform maintenance on my hearing aids)
  8. Hearing aids are small – what happens if I lose one? Or they are stolen? Can I get insurance in case my hearing aids are lost or damaged?
  9. How will I get my hearing instruments repaired when I’m traveling?
  10. What information do I need about buying and changing batteries? What is the lifespan of batteries?
  11. When and how often should I have an audiological exam to test my hearing? If my natural hearing worsens, do I need new hearing aids?

Asking these questions will leave you confident that you were thorough in understanding the details of this important purchase.