Custom Hearing Protection

Exposure to loud noise is a common cause of hearing loss. One-time or repeated exposure to loud noise can permanently damage the sensory cells in the inner ear.
  • This prevents them from effectively processing incoming soundwaves, causing noise-induced hearing loss. Many of us are regularly exposed to hazardous noise levels:
    The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that over 1 billion people globally are at high risk due to recreational exposure to loud noise. This includes loud noise from personal audio devices and in social settings.
  • According to the Hearing Health Foundation, 22 million people are exposed to dangerous levels of noise in the workplace.
  • Musicians can be up to four times more likely to develop hearing loss.

This highlights the importance of protecting hearing health. Noise-induced hearing loss is entirely preventable. An effective way to prevent it is by wearing hearing protection. Hearing protection includes items that provide a protective barrier for the ears: headphones, earplugs, earbuds, earmuffs, etc.


Custom hearing protection is best because it is tailor-made to your ears.

Our practice provides custom hearing protection so that you can effectively protect your hearing health.
Our experts take molds of your ears which are then used to make specific earplugs. Custom options provide maximum protection as they are attenuated and designed to fit you perfectly. There are different earplugs, including earplugs for sleep, especially during noisy events and activities, and earplugs for musicians. We will work with you to identify the best type of custom hearing protection for your hearing health and lifestyle needs.
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