Hearing Aid Fittings

During your hearing consultation appointment, we will discuss the treatment options that can best meet your hearing needs.
 Hearing aids are the most common treatment for hearing loss. This effective hearing solution provides ample support for hearing, alleviating symptoms and maximizing one’s hearing capacity. Like most electronic devices, hearing aids have experienced significant innovation over recent years. Today’s options are more advanced and savvy than ever before. They offer a range of features that utilize cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best possible sound quality, increased connectivity, and seamless hearing experiences.

When choosing a hearing aid, we use a few factors to recommend devices that would be best for you.

This includes the degree of hearing loss you are experiencing, the technologies you are interested in, and lifestyle considerations.
 Lifestyle factors like your work and social life are important because they help identify the types of environments you regularly navigate. This illuminates what your hearing aids need to be able to do so that you can move through these settings with ease. Your budget and aesthetic preferences will also help us identify the right hearing aid for you. These factors help determine the style of hearing aid that will also work best for you. In addition, several hearing aid styles, including in-the-ear types and behind-the-ear devices, indicate how the hearing aid is worn.

During your hearing aid fitting appointment, you will receive your hearing aids, which will be programmed with specific settings to meet your hearing needs.

Our audiologist will test these settings to ensure they are comfortable for you.
You will also learn everything about your device - best care and maintenance practices, how to operate their settings, troubleshoot common hearing aid issues, etc. This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions so that you are ready to use your new device. We encourage you to bring a loved one to this appointment to support you as you receive important information about a device that will become essential in your everyday life.
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