Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids are built to last. Depending on the type and model of hearing aid, your device can last up to 7 years. But it is essential to know that it is not uncommon for hearing aids to need repair work overtime.
Hearing aids are devices that are worn in a variety of environments every day. So naturally, they can be impacted by daily wear and tear, which can cause the device to need to be professionally serviced at some point. At Northwest Hearing, we are happy to provide in-house repairs so that you can conveniently and quickly have your hearing aids looked at and repaired.

You will become an expert on your hearing aids, allowing you to know when they don’t seem to be working as well.

A few signs that indicate you should have your hearing aids professionally inspected include the following:
  • Your batteries are not lasting as long as usual, and you often swap out your disposable batteries for fresh ones. You may also notice that even a new pair of batteries are not lasting very long.
  • You spot any physical damage to your hearing aids. This can include any cracks, holes, breakage, etc., anywhere on your device.
  • You experience any unpleasant feedback or whistling sounds, preventing you from hearing clearly and comfortably.

Additionally, your hearing aids may randomly power off, and/or sound can be muffled. We will thoroughly evaluate your device to identify what is causing your hearing aids to malfunction. In addition, they will determine if we can perform the repair work or, for severe damage, your hearing aids may need to be sent to the manufacturer.

If your hearing aid needs to be sent to the manufacturer, we can provide a temporary replacement, ensuring you are not without a device!

Our experts will also run diagnostic tests to ensure your hearing aid is working effectively and meeting your hearing needs optimally.
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