What to Expect at a Hearing Test

Hearing tests are used to diagnose hearing loss and identify hearing needs.
If you are feeling anxious about having your hearing evaluated, it's important to know that this process is painless and noninvasive. Knowing what you can expect from this process can help you feel prepared.

The hearing evaluation process involves a few steps:



Like most medical appointments, your hearing consultation will start with an intake process. This includes completing the necessary paperwork, discussing your hearing health history, and any symptoms you are experiencing. You will also be asked about lifestyle factors - work, hobbies, social activities, etc. - that can help identify potential causes of your symptoms.

Ear Exam

The next part of the evaluation process focuses on inspecting the ears. An otoscope - a medical instrument - is used to examine the ears. This allows our audiologist to check for obstructions impacting how sound is absorbed and processed.

Hearing Test

A few types of hearing tests can be used to diagnose hearing loss. Pure Tone Audiometry testing involves wearing headphones in a soundproof space as sounds are played at different pitches. You will be asked to indicate what you can hear by raising your hand or pressing a button. This will capture the softest sounds and the more challenging sounds to hear.


After your hearing test, our audiologist will thoroughly walk you through the results.
Presented on an audiogram, a chart representing your hearing capacities in each ear, you will learn the details about your hearing loss. This includes the type of hearing loss and degree of impairment in each ear. Once this information is established, we can recommend treatment options that can effectively meet your hearing needs. We will discuss treatment and identify what the next steps are.
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